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Sony Laptop        
Sony Vaio Laptop Kolkata  
Intel 2nd gen core i5 2.53 GHz / 4 GB Ram / 500 GB HDD
14" screen / DVD RW /Webcam / Bluetooth
Card Reader / 2.4 KG / Windows 7 Premium
ATI 1 Gb Graphics/ 1 year warranty
  Sony Vaio Price List   Rs. 44,000
Hp Laptop        
Hp laptop in Kolkata  
Intel 3rdgen core i3 2.40 GHz / 4 GB Ram / 500 GB HDD
15.6" screen / DVD RW /Webcam / Bluetooth
Card Reader / 2.7 KG / Windows 7 Basic 64bit
ATI 1gb Graphics / 1 year warranty
  Hp Price List   Rs. 43,000
Dell Laptop        
Dell Laptop in Kolkata  
Intel core i3 / 2 GB Ram / 500 GB HDD
14" screen / DVD RW /Webcam / Bluetooth
Card Reader / 2.4 KG / Windows 7 Basic
Intel HD Graphics/ 1 year warranty
  Dell Price List   Rs. 27,000
Toshiba Laptop        
Toshiba Laptop in Kolkata  
Core i7 2.0GHZ/ 2 GB Ram / 500 GB HDD
15.6" screen / DVD RW /Webcam / Bluetooth
Card Reader / 2.5 KG / Dos
Intel HD Graphics/ 1 year warranty
  Toshiba Price List   Rs.41,000

Laptop Price in Kolkata

It is more important to keep your laptop free from problems. You need genuine services for your laptop in Kolkata. You need to buy or service your laptop in a perfect place. Moreover the laptop service centers should be reliable and professional. We do perfect laptop services in Kolkata.

We are specialized in servicing the complicated problems of branded laptops like Toshiba, IBM/Lenovo, Sony, HP, Compaq, and Dell. It will be very much costly for servicing the branded laptops in their original service centers. We do the services at reasonable prices and we deliver them promptly in short period of time.

Our qualified and well experienced technicians will do perfect service for your laptop. We care much about your valuable data present in your laptop and we will protect them for you while servicing the laptop. Our laptop Kolkata services are very famous for our genuine services. We do laptop Kolkata repairs in several levels. Virus removal is the first level. If your laptop is affected by serious viruses and it is hanging on very often then it has to be treated with antivirus tools. We perform complete diagnosis and tune up your laptop perfectly. Some laptops need to be serviced in the hardware.

We will clearly check them out and replace the affected part. We use original parts for all sorts of hardware replacements. When it comes to software issues we do some recommendations and installation of the needed items. Apart from that there are parts we are dealing with while repairing the laptops. They are Batteries, Adapters, Screens, Speakers, Keypads, Mother boards, Hard disk and RAM etc. we replace the affected part with genuine spare parts.

We sell quality laptops at very reasonable laptop price in Kolkata . The cost of the Toshiba, IBM/Lenovo, Sony, HP, Compaq, and Dell laptops will be lower than in any other places of Kolkata. Apart from new laptop sales we do sell the used laptop. If you are interested in selling your laptop, we are the best place to rely upon.

We have lot of customers all around the Kolkata inquiring about branded laptops. It is because of our responsible customer care and cheaper laptop price in Kolkata . We always provide the best for our customers. That is the secret of our successful laptop services in Kolkata. The rate of the laptops differs in all the places because of the margin the sellers keep for their sale. That margin is the profit for them. They have to take care of their business with that margin. Heavy showrooms and bigger advertisements determine the margin.

Simply no need to get puzzled about laptop price in Kolkata. We will get you the ideal laptop in very much more affordable amount and it is because we are doing in very less margin for our laptops. It is how we offer our customers. Our first priority is our Customer support . They are technical and the trust you have over a branded product. You don’t have to worry about those technical terms because we will recommend perfect laptop if you just tell us your needs in a laptop. It would be fine for all to utilize our laptop services and experience the hi-tech products.
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